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LiftMaster CSW200501UL AC High Traffic 1/2 Hp Swing Gate Operator


1/2 Hp Motor - Continuous Duty Cycle

Max Weight - 600 lbs / Max Width - 18 ft

Max Weight - 800 lbs / Max Width - 16 ft

Max Weight - 1200 lbs / Max Width - 12 ft

Max Weight - 1600 lbs / Max Width - 8 ft




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(1) Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye Included

Note: Only LiftMaster Monitored Photo Eyes or Edge Sensors may be used with this operator to meet the 2018 UL325 Standard for momentary contact control

The Liftmaster CSW200501UL is a commercial AC pad mount gate operator. It is appropriate for use on High-Traffic commercial swing gate applications, both single and dual, and supports wireless dual gate communication.

The Liftmaster CSW200501UL supports gates that do not exceed 18 ft or 1600 lbs. It also supports sites that require 115V.

The Liftmaster CSW200501UL uses Security+ 2.0™ radio technology that has twice the range of standard radio technology. It also features MyQ® Technology, providing the ability to remotely monitor and activate the gate via Internet-enabled mobile phones and computers.

  • Meets the 2018 UL325 Standard with the built in inherent reversing system and monitoring for fault conditions of external entrapment devices
  • Security + 2.0 radio technology radio receiver
  • Receiver stores up to 50 remotes, compatible with HomeLink version 4 or higher
  • 7 segment LED diagnostics display
  • Expansion board has to IC2 ports on the board now
  • Stores up to 20 error codes in history
  • MyQ®-Enabled with the purchase of a 828LM LiftMaster® Internet Gateway
  • CSW200 is rated for continuous duty continuous is once per min, so 1440 a day
  • Wireless primary secondary
  • Built-in surge protection
  • AC operator system
  • Slow start / slow stop only in mid-travel
  • Quick Close
  • External obstruction sensing
  • Easy to read control inputs
  • Adjustable timer to close
  • LED indicators on all inputs
  • Mechanical limits with adaptive force
  • Emergency Release
  • Adjustable Bi-part delay (up to 8 seconds)
  • Included expansion board (plug in loop detector, single button input, additional safety inputs, two auxiliary relays, quick close, exit fail, anti-tail)
    Note: AC fail not used in AC line
  • Single motor providing continuous duty in Commercial operators (CSW200UL and SL3000UL)
  • Dual voltage selection in Industrial operators (SL585UL, SL595UL)
  • WARRANTY 7-Year single home application 5-Year commercial application