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Seco-Larm ST-2406-3AEQ Power Supply/Charger with Enclosure

Power Supply/Charger with Enclosure
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SECO-LARM’s ST-2406-3AEQ power supply/charger ensures that alarm systems and access control systems have enough power to do their job. Protected by fused battery outputs, input polarity protection diodes, and backup battery polarity reverse protection, this power supply/charger can be used to maximize the security and efficiency of nearly any alarm or access control installation. Enclosure has space for up to 2 backup batteries (leads included for one optional backup battery).

  • Automatic recharging of backup batteries
  • Automatic switchover to backup battery if main power is lost or cut
  • Built-in battery short-circuit protection
  • Low-battery cutoff
  • LEDs indicate power status
  • Programmable DC voltage output
  • Regulated and filtered output voltage
  • Fused output for a regulated charge
  • Heavy-duty steel case to protect power connections
  • Enclosure has space for up to two 4Ah or one 7Ah backup batteries
  • Includes battery leads for easy installation
  • High efficiency at full load
  • Heat-sink-free design


Operating Voltage 6, 12, 24 VDC
Status LEDs AC Input: Green, DC Output Red Red/Blue (Blue indicates 24V)
Current (Continuous) 2.5A
Current (Peak) 3.0A
Output Current 6V = 100mA, 12V = 220mA, 24V = 450mA
Master Fuse 5 Amp
Low Battery Cutoff When battery voltage is <20 % of set ouput voltage
Operating Temperature -4°~149° F (-20°~65° C)
Dimensions Board: 2-7/8"x2-1/4"x1-3/8" (73x64x35mm) Enclosure: 10"x7-3/4"x3-1/2" (254x196x89 mm)