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Seco-Larm SD-72081-6MQ Mortise Cylinder Key Switch

Single-Gang Mortise Cylinder Key Switch, Momentary: Keyed mortise cylinder (included with 2 keys), Mortise cylinder removable for ease of keying, Flush mount, Chrome-plated aluminum back cover fits to single-gang box, Stainless-steel front cover snaps to back cover,
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Single-Gang, Keyed mortise cylinder (2 keys included) If a keypad or proximity card reader fails to activate an electronic lock, the user can switch between normally closed (N.C.) and normally open (N.O.) contacts using the SD-72081-6MQ, forcing the door to open. This acts as a backup for access control systems, so that the system does not rely on the integrity of a single device. Keyed mortise cylinder (2 keys included). Mortise cylinder removable for ease of keying. Flush mount with vandal-resistant screws. Chrome-plated aluminum back plate fits to single-gang box. Stainless-steel front cover conceals mounting screws. DPDT Momentary switch, 5A@125VAC contact rating, color-coded wires.
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Manufacturer Seco-Larm
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