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Seco-Larm EAP-3D5Q Access Control Power Supply

Access Control Power Supply in enclosure. 12 or 24 VDC output voltage. 5 Outputs, 3A@12VDC (3A@24VDC). Heavy-duty steel case.
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The SECO-LARM EAP-3D1Q and EAP-3D5Q power supplies are specifically designed for an access control system's electronic locks and accessories. These power supplies centralize the power sources of access control equipment. They include two supervision relays that can be used to integrate with other systems such as an alarm control panel. Robust fault response and indication also includes gradual shutdown on output overload as well as immediate shutdown on output short, signalled by flashing red LED and with auto-recovery once output short or overload is removed.


  • AC Power failure supervision relay
  • Battery failure / low battery supervision relay
  • Auxiliary output relay
  • Relays rated 3A@24VDC
  • Adjustable voltage range to compensate for voltage drop
  • Built-in backup battery charger (battery not included)
  • Selectable 2.2k Ω End-of-Line (EOL) resistor for AC failure and
    battery failure supervision relays via DIP switch
  • Selectable delay timer (5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours) for AC
    failure supervision relay via DIP switch
  • LED Status indicator for AC input, DC output and channel outputs


  • Operating Input voltage: 110~240 VAC
  • Field-selectable 12 or 24 VDC output
  • Total continuous output current: 3A@12VDC, 1.5A@24VDC
  • AC Input fuse rated at 3.15A

  • Heavy-duty steel case with ventilation holes
  • Enclosure large enough to fit two (2) 12V/7Ah batteries
  • Removable steel cover for easy access to power connections
  • 6ft Power cord and battery leads included
  • Dimensions: 12 1/8" x 12 1/4" x 3 9/16" (308x311x90 mm)



Input Voltage 110~240VAC
Output Voltage 12 or 24VDC selectable via DIP switch
Adjustable Output Voltage Range 12~13 @ 12VDC setting, via VR switch, 23~25 @ 24VDC setting, via VR switch
Number of Outputs 5
Total Supply Current 3A@12VDC / 1.5A@24VDC
Input Fuse Rating 3.15A ( glass fuse, AC)
LED Status Indicator AC input ( Green ), DC Output ( Red )
End-of-Line Resistor (EOL) Selectable ON ( 2.2KΩ) or OFF via DIP switch
AC-Fail Relay Delay Timer Selectable @ 5sec, 5min or 5hr via DIP switch
Supervision Relays Contact Rating: 3A@24VDC Dry Relay Output