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Platinum CM-712-SK Single Column Mount Kit

Safety Devices One monitored safety devices required
Max Gate Size/Weight 12 feet/700 lbs
Gate Traveling Speed Approx 90° opening in 14-21 seconds
Cycles Continuous
Operating Temperature  -4° F to 158° F
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Features and Benefits:
• Lightning and Surge Protection
• Precision Limit Switches
• Soft Start and Soft Stop
• Standard Built-in Battery Back up
• Intelligent Speed Control
• Solar Priority Power Supply
• low voltage Applications
• 100% Continuous Duty Cycle

Main Power 120VAC/220VAC
Motor 24VDC
Limit Switches Adjustable Precision Limit Switches
Manual Release Key Release and Optional Fail Safety
Cover Charcoal Gray Powder Coated Aluminum Control Board Box
  Lightening and Surge Protection
Warranty 3-Year Residential/2-Year Commercial