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Platinum BLSL840 DC Slide Gate Operator



Max Weight - 800lbs

Max Length - 40ft

Solar Ready - Quiet Operation - DC Brushless Motor

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Features and Benefits:

1. Continuous duty

2. Two 12V, 7Ah Lead Acid batteries. That is more than enough power to run the gate

until the AC power comes back.

3. Capacity: Max Gate Weight is 800Ibs and Max Gate Length is 40 ft.

4. Heavy Duty size 50 gearbox. Size 40 Chain, Nickel Plated.

5. Corrosion-resistant, Powder Coated, heavy-duty steel chassis.

6. Soft start and soft stop to minimize wear and tear on the gate system.

7. Dynamic Speed Control – No speed variation when gate load changes, or power

switches between AC and battery. Slide gate works on slope without coasting.

8. Automatic Learning With Self Sync – Automatically synchronizes gates with different

travel times for primary/Secondary gate installation.

9. Solid State Motor Drive for quiet and long last operation.

10. Advance Maglock Control- Engages Maglock before or after the gate is closed. Maglock

works at both gates open and close positions.

11. Individual Alarm for Primary/Secondary Installation-Alarm sound from the individual

operator, automatically indicates the obstructed gate.

12. Solar Priority Power Supply – With a larger solar panel, the gate will run on the solar

panel instead of the batteries when the sunlight is sufficient, saving battery life.

13. High Efficiency, trouble-free, very quiet, and powerful brushless DC Motor – For smooth,

high torque, and maintenance-free operation.

14. Solid State Motor Drivers – For quiet and long-lasting operation.

15. Motor Brake and Maglock Release by FIRE/KEY Input - Enable manual gate operation

in an emergency.

16. One Controlled Power Supply Output for Photo Beam Detector-In solar Installation.

Turn off PBD when the gate is closed to save battery life.

17. Adjustable Leaf Delay-Delay on either leaf from the Primary unit in Primary/Secondary


18. Fail Safe/Secure Capability - Be able to set to fail secure, fail-safe, or open on power


19. Electronic reversing sensor built into the control board.

20. Adjust delay timer from 0-60 seconds.

21. Very reliable Power surge protection design.

22. Alarm reset button.

23. Weatherproof polyethylene cover with an access door.

24. Built-in Loop rack board.

26. Built-in AC power switch. Select 110VAC, or 220VAC for Power Input Source.

27. Built-In 110VAC output Outlet.

28. Back Drivable by turning the Motor breaker OFF.

29. 10-year warranty on the motor (Residential)/8-year warranty on the motor (commercial).

30. Working temperature is from -20F to +158F

31. Stackable Limit Switches – For additional features.

32. Dual Output Loop Detector Rack – Type “B” relays on the loop detector can be used for additional features.

33. High Capacity DC Back-Up – Over 100 cycles on DC back up depending on the model and gate size.

34. BLGOC-2200 control board with built-in input/output LEDs.

35. Residential parts warranty: 8 years