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Nexx NXG-300 Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Overhead Door Controller



Nexx Smart Gate is a powerful companion device to existing Garage door & Gate openers. Powered by the Nexx Home app, it allows one or more users to securely open, close, and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world.

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  EASY INSTALLATION WITH ZERO SUBSCRIPTION FEES - Smarten up and automate your garage in 10 minutes or less with our all-new wireless sensor system. There are no hidden fees or ongoing monthly subscription. Even voice activation using Alexa, Google, Siri is FREE! One controller is needed for each garage door opener, so garage door(s) with 2 openers will need 2 NEXX Garage controllers.

  CONVENIENT & SECURE REMOTE MONITORING & SMART NOTIFICATIONS - Open & close your garage door from anywhere anytime while SECURELY SHARING with family and friends. Always know who is coming or going (and when!) and receive notifications if someone has forgotten to close the door. HISTORY LOG FOR SECURITY - No other product lets you know both WHO & WHEN your garage is accessed!



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