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Multi-Code 1099-20 Radio Receiver


Multi-Code 109920 by Linear

Single Channel Receiver 110VAC, 300 MHz

10-dip switch selectable codes, long range

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The Model 109920 Single Channel 110V Gate Receiver is designed for use in gate operator applications.

An 11-inch wire whip antenna is included for local reception.

The whip antenna connects to the receiver's Type-F antenna connector.

If the receiver is mounted inside a shielded metal enclosure, such as a gate operator housing, an external Model 106603 Remote Whip Antenna should be used.

Operates on 115 VAC power, one channel, whip antenna, 1,024 codes, and has an RF frequency: 300 MHz.

Compatible with 300 MHz Multi-Code remotes only.

Dimensions: 3.625" W x 5.25" H x 1.5"

Warranty: 1 year