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LM21XPBB LM Fire Door Release Device

Operates on 120VAC, 24VAC, 60Hz, Includes Battery Backup
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LiftMaster LM21XPBB Extended Performance Release Device | LiftMaster LM21XPBB Extended Performance Release Device is a fire and other exit safety device that help regulate door operation in emergency conditions. Requires use of 10k electrical resistive edge. Can activate through other initial warning systems as smoke alarms. Institutional, business, commercial and facility entryway needs including safety devices. Allows use of battery back up which can also afford ancillary horn strobe devices.


  • Device transmits emergency alert signals to doors and actuate door placement
    • Single-slide
    • Rolling doors
    • Sliding-inclined door
    • Center-parting doors
  • Sensing edge required for installation
  • Device uses a 10k resistor
  • 10, 20, 30 and 60 second detection-to-alarm delay
  • Battery back up adaptable
    • SLA | 12V | 5Ah
  • Tie-in up to 4 smoke detectors and 2 horn strobes


    • Voltage Rating: 120vac, 60hz; 24 Vac; 24VDC
    • Standby Current: 0.06A; 0.3A; 0.2A
    • Alarm Current: 0.6A; 0.3A; 0.25A
    • Battery Rating: 12v 4.5ah Or 5.0ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (2), Maximum Charge Current .150amps
    • Battery Standby Time: LM21XPBB, 72 hours; LM21XPBBVB, 24 hours
    • Fuses: 3A @ 250v, 2AG Slo-Blo Type
    • Initiating Device:
      • Maximum line impedance 20 ohm;
      • Maximum current not to exceed 0.010A.
      • Maximum voltage 24Vdc
    • Auxiliary power: 24 VDC @ 0.5A Maximum
    • Common alarm trouble relays: 0.5A 125 VAC ; 60Hz
    • Max contact rating: 1A 24 VDC Resistive
    • Load Rating: support and release 40 lbs max
    • XPBB is free standing release with battery backup for sites where unit is NOT powered off the UL1481 regulated power supply with battery backup
    • **Device may require the purchase of additional data board, logic-related items, limit switches and or powering accessories**
    • Physical Dimensions
      • 9.7 in H
      • 7.5 in W
      • 5 in D