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Linear MegaCode MGT

MegaCode by Linear MGT: Safety Edge.
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The MGT is the industry's only fully supervised gate safety edge remote. It automatically sends an hourly status report to the access controller, indicating battery condition and if the remote is operational. Should the edge sensor be disconnected, shorted, or tampered with, the MGT will report a trouble condition. The MGT remote is supplied in a weather-resistant, fiberglass box. Its circuit board is coated to prevent moisture damage. The enclosure mounts to the gate, door, or barrier arm through sealed interior mounting screws. Features are a safety edge remote, activates one MegaCode receiver for stop or reverse safety edge, no cables or coiled wires, mounting hardware (4 screws) supplied, power: 2 Model 2450 lithium batteries, visor clip included, MegaCode format, RF Frequency: 318 MHz, and dimensions: 4" W x 4.28" H x 2.2" D. Order number: DNT00068. Warranty: 1-year.