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LiftMaster MJ5011U Medium-Duty Jackshaft Door Operator


Max Height 14 ft


Max Width 22 ft


320 sq ft total

Max Door Weight is 950 lbs.

 Includes a 3-button control station and CPS-U photo eyes.

Maximum recommended duty cycle: 12 cycles per hour total/50 cycles per day total

Availability: In stock

  • 115 volt 1 phase
  • Apply Open/Close/Stop functions with the standard three-push-button control station. Controls with one, two and three buttons are available.
  • Receive notifications when routine maintenance is required on your Commercial Door Operator.
  • Mount on the left or right side of the door. No rails to hang, the operator simply mounts on the wall and attaches to the door shaft through chain and sprocket. (3900 can mount directly to shaft)
  • Enable limit setting for ease of installation and adjustment to ensure accuracy even after a power failure.
  • Automatically close the door with Timer-To-Close (programmable in 1-second or 15-second increments)
  • Ensure peace of mind with a LiftMaster two-year warranty.

Safety and Security
  • Compliant with all UL 325 requirements.
  • Accept up to 20 remote controls and unlimited DIP switch remote control with our Security+ radio technology.
  • Protect against door and operator damage due to obstacles with the Adjustable Friction Clutch.
  • Signal the door to reverse or stop if closing time exceeds maximum door travel prevent damage to door and operator.
  • Provide easy, emergency manual operation using a readily accessible disconnect.
  • CPS-U Monitored Commercial Protector System