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LiftMaster MAXUM JHDC12S4BMC Jackshaft Hoist DC Commercial Operator


Standard Duty Up to 20 cycles per hour and 90 cycles per day. Max door weight 1200 lbs

Machine is 480V 3 phase power.

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  • Smooth Start/Stop Operation - New DC high-efficiency motor and gearbox, provides the power needed and smooth start and stop to reduce wear-and-tear on your door and operator.
  • Faster Speed - Average of 12” per second opening on sectional doors, and 8-9” per second on rolling steel doors.
  • Battery Backup - Provides seamless operation by supplying standby power when the power is down (battery backup kit sold separately).
  • Lighter Weight - Approx. 20 lbs. lighter than a comparable Logic 5.0 operator with improved center of gravity for easier installation.
  • Floor-Level Wall Controller - 4-line LCD display gives you access to programming, troubleshooting and diagnostics at floor level, saving time and money.
  • Advanced Diagnostics and Troubleshooting - No more flashing LEDs. Receive real-time alerts and relevant information at your fingertips.
  • Wi-Fi and myQ - Easily connect to myQ Facility via Wi-Fi for visibility into what is happening at your door and control it from your web browser; no need for additional hubs or accessories. Know what accessories activate the door (remote, transmitter, keypad, etc.).
  • Control Board - Designed to have everything at your fingertips. The new push terminals, color coded, are designed with you in mind. Just press down and release to secure your wires, no tools necessary.
  • 3 Monitored Entrapment Protection Inputs - Protect up to 3 entrapment protection points with every installation.
  • UL Listed
    Listed to ANSI/CAN/UL325 Standard for USA/Canada and certified to NOM/NYCE/IFETEL Standards for Mexico.
Connect and Stay on Top with myQ Facility
Enhanced Features
  • Door Monitor and Control
  • Enhanced Diagnostics and Error Codes
  • Cycle Counts - Operator Absolute and Service
  • Simple Device Provisioning Process - Stable Connection to the Cloud
  • Timely Sensing throughout Door Travel
  • Cloud Access Control
  • Transmitter Management
    - Unlock 1,000 learned transmitter capabilities to track specific people tied to those transmitters.
Included Accessories
  • DCWALLCTL - Floor Level Wall Controller with 4-line LCD Display
  • CPS-U - Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eye Kit
Architect Specifications
  • Operation Jackshaft Hoist battery backup capable
  • Drive Type 65:1 Gearbox with #50 Chain Output
  • Mounting Wall Mount or Door Hood
  • Emergency Disconnect for Manual Operation Floor level emergency release chain sash
  • Battery Backup Capable
    DC7AH: (2) 7Ah battery backup kit (not included)
  • Rated Duty Cycle
    Standard Duty Up to 20 cycles per hour and 90 cycles per day
    - Extended Duty Up to 30 cycles per hour and 150 cycles per day
  • Meets UL 325 Requirements
  • Motor Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, sized to door conditions
  • Motor Reverse Action Protection
    - Stop Fast: 250ms ramp
    - Stop Ramp: 500ms-2000ms; Stop button while opening
    - Emergency (Safety-Chain) CTM triggers immediate stop
  • Motor Operator Wall Controller Floor Level Wall Controller with LCD screen using 2 wire interface to connect to powerhead
  • Enclosure Standard NEMA 1 electrical box. NEMA 4X electrical box option available.
  • Travel Rate 12" per second for sectional doors on average, and 8-9" per second on rolling steel doors
  • Radio Receiver DC Logic 1.0 board with Security+ 2.0 rolling code technology remote controls and binary DIP switch remote controls
  • Internet Connectivity WiFi, myQ, and myQ Facility Technology
  • Control Station Floor level wall controller with LCD display to program and commission the door in NEMA 1 enclosure
  • Voltage Connections
    - 120Vac 1PH
    - 240Vac 1PH/3PH
    - 208Vac 3PH (via transformer)
    - 480Vac 3PH (via transformer)
    - 600Vac 3PH (via transformer)
  • Maximum Door Weight
    - JHDC7S1BMC Hoist 700 lbs.
    - JHDC7S4BMC Hoist 700 lbs.
    - JHDC12S1BMC Hoist 1200 lbs.
    - JHDC12S4BMC Hoist 1200 lbs.
    - JHDC12X1BMC Hoist 1200 lbs.
    - JHDC12X4BMC Hoist 1200 lbs.
    - JHDC22X1BMC Hoist 2200 lbs.
    - JHDC22X4BMC Hoist 2200 lbs.
    - JHDC12X1N4XMC Hoist 1200 lbs.
    - JHDC12X4N4XMC Hoist 1200 lbs.
    - JHDC22X1N4XMC Hoist 2200 lbs.
    - JHDC22X4N4XMC Hoist 2200 lbs.
  • Standard Application Recommended for door types including:
    - Sectional Doors (Standard Lift, High Lift and Full Vertical)
    - Rolling Steel Doors/Grilles
    - Standard Duty and Extended Duty cycle applications where a manual hoist is required
  • Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer’s warranty against material and manufacturing defects