DoorBird IP Video Door Station D21DKH

D21DKV, Brushed Stainless Steel, Flush-mounted (Horizontal), Display Module, Keypad Module.
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Very simple assembly. Optically connected via network cable and PoE -Optionally usable via existing ringer wiring -Robust, weatherproof door station with night vision HD camera for excellent real-time pictures -Ultrawide camera with 180 ° monitoring range, 12 IR LEDs for night vision function up to approx. 5 m -Vandalism-proof, illuminated ring button -Doorbird is not removable with standard tool -Highly encrypted, tamper-proof data transfer via LAN -Up to 100 mobile devices (iOS / Android) connectable to the system, external access via free cloud -Motion sensor for automatic connection set-up also without ringing and push message (deactivatable) -Noise-free microphone with active noise suppression -Power supply via existing bell line with its own, interference-proof and specially certified power supply or via PoE via the network cable -Existing house-phone can be connected to the DoorBird system -Minimum requirements for operation - can be flushed and surface mounted (units come standard with flush backbox, surface mount backbox sold separately) - can be programmed with up to 4.000 codes - have an integrated RFID reader - have a scheduler function to control access to the premises - have a build in motion sensor that even recognizes in which direction the object moves (towards or away from building) - motion sensor can trigger events, like push notification and/or relay opening/closure - RFID reader can trigger events, like push notification and/or relay opening/closure - have a speaker double the size compared to today's hardware generation -....and lots more
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