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DKS DoorKing 2348-080 Small Lockable Enclosure


Small lockable enclosure for up to 2 elevator control boards. Includes (1) 2348-010 and power transformer. *Not a stand alone device.

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Elevator control boards are used with the models 1833, 1835, 1837 and 1838 access controllers to provide an increased level of security. Elevator control is typically used where visitor access is restricted to a particular floor, or where system users are restricted to particular floor or floors. Each elevator board can control up to 16 floors, with a maximum of four (4) elevator control boards interfaced with a single elevator for a total of 64 floors. Each access controller can control up to eight (8) elevators in this manner. Lockable enclosure for (2) elevator control boards (2nd board mounts on cabinet door). Includes (1) 2348-010 and power transformer. Use part number 2348-040 to order an additional board.