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DKS Doorking 2112-080 eVolve Video Entry System, Surface Mount

  • Controls up to 3 Entry Points
  • Ring 4 Phones Simultaneously
  • Browser Programming
  • Voice & Video Communication
  • Ethernet or Cellular Connection
  • Max 10 Users
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The eVolve Entry System enables residents to not only speak on the phone to guests at the gate, but also see guests right on their smartphone through video streaming, offering verbal and visual communication from anywhere.

Residents can quickly grant guests access from their home phone or smartphone, and can easily program the Entry System by logging in to their administrator account through any browser on any internet connected device.

Choose up to 3 access points to control — any combination of vehicle gate, foot gate, or doors into or within the property can be programmed and managed by the 2112 eVolve

System administrators can designate up to 4 phones to receive guest calls from the Entry System via broadcast call. All 4 phones will ring when a guest presses the call button, when one resident answers the other 3 lines will stop ringing. Landline, cordless or smartphone, the 2112 makes it easy for residents to communicate with guests from anywhere

The eVolve Programmer account enables the administrator to set up access points, designate user security levels, grant access credentials and more. Administrators can also opt to log into their Programmer Account via any browser on any device connected to the internet. The eVolve Resident App allows those with the appropriate security levels to receive guest calls, speak with guests via voice or video, and grant or deny visitor entry — without gaining access to any Entry System or User administrative settings.

Programmer Browser Login (for administrators)

  • All System Programming Saved in the Cloud
  • Designate 3 Access Points
  • Set up to 4 Phones for Guest Communication
  • Set Do Not Call Schedules
  • Set Hold Open Schedules
  • Set Entry Code Schedules
  • Control Microphone / Speaker Volume
  • Check Door & Gate (Relay) Status
  • Set Door & Gate (Relay) Names
  • Set Independent Door & Gate (Relay) Unlock/Relock Time Limits

Resident App (for system users)

  • Grant or Deny Guest Entry with the Touch of a Button
  • Video monitoring allows the homeowner to turn on the Camera and Microphone to view the gate area from the Resident App
  • Broadcast Calling for Simultaneous Ring to all 4 Designated Phones
  • Speak with Guests at Access Point via Voice Communication

The eVolve uses an Internet connection to provide Voice Calling, Video Calling and database management.

INTERNET - Customers who have easy access to an Ethernet connection at the entry system location can connect with their existing internet services. This provides full system function and performance for the 2112 eVolve. Programming is performed through a browser connection from any internet capable device. Most customers choose this option
if they have convenient access to Ethernet at the entry system location, or if they already have an infrastructure for other Ethernet services.

CELLULAR - Customers who do not have an Ethernet connection at the entry system location can use the optional DoorKing Cellular Kit. This is an additional hardware kit, and added monthly fee that provides a Cellular Internet connection for the 2112 eVolve. This will support the full system function and performance. Customers choose this option if they have difficulty trenching or running Ethernet Cable from their home network out to the entry system location.



  • 16VAC, 20 VA transformer provided
  • 12VDC Backup power input
  • Three (3) Form C relays, 1A max
  • Back Lighted Metal Keypad
  • Back Lighted Metal Push to Call button
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Galvanized Steel subplate