DKS DoorKing 1812-091 Plus Flush Mount


No directory, keypad programmable, standard memory capacity of 50, non-expandable.

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The 1812 Plus is a unique communication and access control system that allows homeowners to use their existing telephone as an intercom to speak with a guest at a door or gate. Ideal for those applications requiring a basic, single door or gate, access control solution. Features include a stainless steel faceplate, connects directly to your existing phone line, 27 dial-out phone numbers, call waiting and call forwarding, unique double ring, built-in clock / calendar, do-not-disturb feature, 4 "hold open" time zones, answer machine bypass feature, 50 5-digit entry codes with time zone restrictions on some codes, 10 Temporary entry codes with start and end date, intercom mode for use with PBS and KSU phone systems, and is camera ready. Warranty: 2 Year limited.

More Information
Directory Electronic Scrolling
PC Programmable No
Maximum Memory Capacity 50
Manufacturer DKS DoorKing
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