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DKS DoorKing 1802-082 Surface Mount

DKS 1802-082 Surface Mount, keypad programmable, standard memory capacity of 1000, non-expandable.
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The model 1802 is an ideal telephone entry system that is suite for applications that have limited space and can be used in residential as well as commercial applications, applications that do not require a directory, or in applications where a separate directory exist. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone. Standard features include full duplex communication, 1000 phone number memory non-expandable, programmable directory codes(1-4 digits), 10 and 11 digit dialing capability, two special inputs can be programmed for relay activation or dial-out function, 5-digit entry codes (6) for special needs, built-in clock provides automatic relay activation, flash entry codes, 2 relays for door/gate control, single-line programming display uses super-twist LCD with 5/16-inch characters, built-in postal lock provision, EEPROM memory, and a power transformer is included. Warranty: 2 years.