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Digi-Code DC5202 310mhz Wireless Keyless Entry


 10 Dip 310 MHz Frequency Battery Included Wireless, backlit keys, Stanley format.

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Flip lid design protects keypad from the elements, back lit keypad for night time use, mounts outside the garage door or gate and is tamper-resistant, weatherproof, and fully programmable, private code can be set by user, the keypads are a wireless unit, powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery. DC5202 operates ALL 10 dip switch Stanley operators and 310MHz Digi-Code receivers, for Stanley Secure code use the skylink 318KR Universal Keypad it is a universal keypad that will meet your needs, P.I.N. number entered and changeable by use, powered by a heavy duty 9 volt alkaline battery, and includes full set of programming and mounting instructions. Warranty: 18-months.