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All-O-Matic T24-PRIME Toro Prime Single Swing Gate Operator Package


Includes 1 AOM-RED-EYE Photoelectric Sensor

1/2 HP DC motor (Continuous Duty)

8’ gate / 1,600lbs or 18' gate / 600lbs


(1) Toro Prime Actuator Arm
(1) Toro Control Box with Circuit Board
(2) 7AH batteries
(1) Hardware Set

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The TORO24 Swing Actuator has a modern & slick design that will complement any gate. It’s easy to install, offers an uninterrupted power supply. Manual keyed release for easy access when necessary. The Control board offers an array of features including programmable logic and an advanced charge controller enhanced for solar applications. It can take 12/24V solar panels up to 80 watts. This will cover most residential and light commercial applications. Single or Master/Slave Linear Actuator with Control Box 115 – 230 VAC – Single Phase 24 VDC Battery back-up system 1/2 HP DC motor (Continuous Duty) 8’ gate / 1,600lbs. or 18' gate / 600lbs 3 year commercial / 4 year residential warranty


  • Easy Limit Adjustment With Featured Limit Switch Slider Solar Charger And Programmable Logic
  • Advanced Control Board With Integrated 7/Day Timer
  • Personalized Key for Manual Release
  • Modern and Slick Design
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Uninterruupted Power Supply
  • Advanced High Efficiency Charge Controller with Features Exclusive to All-O-Matic
  • Power Options: 120/220 VAC Single Phase or 12/24V Solar Panels
  • One Control Box for Single or Dual Actuators
  • Integrated Battery Backup of Upto 450 Continous Cycles
  • Maintenance Free, High Efficiency Planetary Gear Motor (BLDC)


  • Power Options: 115/230 VAC Single Phase
  • Motor: Continouos Duty 24VDC

Gate Weight/Length:

  • 1,600 Lbs/8' , 1,200 Lbs/12'
  • 800Lbs/16' and 600Lbs/18'
  • Peak Thrust: 4,000 N
  • Nominal Thrust: 3,500 N
  • Operation Stroke: 20"
  • Gate Travel Speed: 15-20 Sec per 90" opening (adjustable)
  • Battery Backup Cycle: Up to 450 Continouos Cycles (Swing Gate 12'/800Lbs)


(1) Toro Prime Actuator Arm
(1) Toro Control Box with Circuit Board
(2) 7AH batteries
(1) Hardware Set