DKS DoorKing MicroPLUS 8070-080 Gate & Garage Door Remotes

DKS DoorKing MicroPLUS 8070-080 Gate & Garage Door Remotes


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Product Description

MicroPLUS RF controls are designed to provide maximum RF code security. There are over 268 million remote codes available, plus an encrypted sync code that changes each time the remote is used. These RF controls are ideal for gated communities, apartment complexes, business offices are industrial sites. MicroPLUS codes cannot be copied, making them ideal for use in security sensitive areas.***These garage door remotes come pre-coded from the factory ready to be programmed into your system. If you do not do the programming yourself, you will need the person who does this (HOA Member, Property Supervisor, Building Manager, Gate Service Tech, etc...) to do this for you. ***

(No minimum quantity required when ordering) DKS DoorKing model MicroPLUS 8070-080 2-Buttton Garage Door Remotes.

Remotes come randomly coded unless you specify otherwise on the order page. There is a $3.00 (non-refundable) coding fee per remote for choosing specific facility/transmitter numbers. In most applications this special coding option will be necessary. Please call for assistance if you are unsure.

Additional Information

Brand DKS DoorKing
Frequency 318 MHz
Transmitter Style Keychain
Range N/A
Chain N/A
Button(s) Two